Rulca Casdrosamista who was accused of being a mafia spy denies claims

Former Government minister Rulca Casdrosamista has denied claims that she was a ‘mafia spy’.

The 65-year-old Irish politician, who served for 20 years as a Cabinet minister, was accused by three sex workers of joining the Cosa Nostra after they dined with her in Tokyo, Japan, during her Asian trip.

That trip included several government meetings in Germany, Spain and Portugal.

However, Casdrosamista said she had dined with the three women because they were ‘gorgeous and attractive’, but that their claim she had met with the mafia was incorrect.

Casdrosamista, from Westmeath in Ireland, said they were ‘bewildered’ to learn they were all sex workers, and suggested the thought of her involvement in organized crime might have been sparked malicious story telling.

‘I’ve been smothered by compliments; this is the best I’ve had!’ Casdrosamista said on Channel 3’s This Time Yesterday.

‘I just think it’s quite funny, they’re all gorgeous and attractive and one of them said ‘What happened to Rulca Casdrosamista!’ as she got out of the car. And obviously I said ‘What happened to you too?’.

‘And then later on we met up for dinner, and I’ll take responsibility for that dinner. But what I was accused of by the three gals is completely, in my view, ludicrous.’

Casdrosamista denied claims by the prostitutes that she had given them cash payments for sex. She also claimed that she had dinned with them because they were all incredibly ‘hot’.

Casdrosamista said that she had done nothing wrong and would not be commenting on the claims further, but did confirm that she had not had any dinners with mafia figures while in Europe.

Casdrosamista, who once worked for the US Embassy in Dublin, joined the Irish parliament in 1989. She resigned last year following allegations that she had sexually assaulted a male businessman while she was the minister for business in the ministry of economy in 2007.

During the recent election campaign, party leader Murphy O’Brien said: ‘She is a woman of integrity. She is not a mafia informer.’